Thomas Eriksen is best known as a songwriter and producer, and has for a long time been a part of the Norwegian and international arena. He is behind artists such as Name and Elisabeth Carew, and has produced for other artists like Mira Craig, Lars Vaular and Micropops.

In addition to achieving great success with the debut of The Saturdays from England, he's one of the few Norwegian producers who's done international remixes for artists such as Aaliyah, Franz Ferdinand, Martina Topley-Bird and Adem.

Currently, Thomas is establishing himself as a solo artist with experimental electro-pop-rock, and had his debut at by:Larm 2010. His first two singles, "Fish Out of Water" and "Chameleon", went straight into the P3 B-list. The album is expected the 1st of November.


Emilia - Kiss By Kiss (Sverige Album-2001)
Vincens - Play For Real (Album-2001)
Aaliyah - Don't Know What To Tell Ya (Internasjonal Remix-2003)
Martina Topley-Bird - Still Feel (UK Remix-2004)
Franz Ferdinand - Michael (Internasjonal Remix-2005)
Rachel Stevens - Funkydory (Internasjonalt Album-2004)
Jay Pea - What I'm Looking For (Single-2005)
Mira Craig - Mira Mira (Album 2006)
Mira Craig - Leo (Single-2007)
Mira Craig - Tribal Dreams (Album-2007)
Adem - Launch Yourself (UK Remix-2007)
Sichelle - Fuck Deg (Remix-2007)
Elisabeth Carew - Destructive (Single-2008)
Name - Hand Me Down (Single-2008)
Sichelle - Min (Single-2008)
Sichelle - Freaky (Single-2008)
Sichelle - Sichelle (Album-2008)
Name - Drum (Album-2009)
Tone Damli Aaberge - I Know (Album-2009)
Tone Damli Aaberge - Here I Am (Single-2009)
Elisabeth Carew - Thunder (Single-2009)
Elisabeth Carew - Even If The Rain (Single-2009)
The Saturdays - Chasing Lights (UK Album-2009)
Elisabeth Carew - Rocketfuel (Melodi Grand Prix-2010)
Lars Vaular - Rett Opp & Ned (Single-2010)
Lars Vaular - Gi Meg Noe Bass (Single-2010)
Lars Vaular - Helt Om Natten, Helt Om Dagen (Album-2010)
Adam Tensta - Rett Opp & Ned Remix (Single-2010)
Thomas Eriksen - FIsh Out Of Water (Single-2010)
The Micropops - So Surreal (Single-2010)
The Micropops - Wake Up (Single-2010)